Prof. Dr. Weerakorn Ongsakul
Associate Editors
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Ngoc Dieu
Dr. Jirawadee Polprasert


Published by the
Asian Institute of Technology
58 Moo 9, Km. 42, Paholyothin Highway, Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand

GMSARN International Journal
Volume 17, Number 4, December 2023 

Articles :

  • Use of Line Surge Arresters Coupling With Underbuilt Ground Wire to Improve the Lightning Performance of 220kV Overhead Transmission Lines
    (Authors: Ninh Van Nam and Trinh Trong Chuong)
  • Estimation of Solar Radiation for Evaporation Evaluation in Mae Suai Reservoir
    (Authors: Prach Sukkavee, Schradh Saenton, and Rungrote Nilthong)
  • The Competitiveness of Thai Durian Export to China’s Market
    (Authors: Pichaya Likhitpichitchai, Jeeranun Khermkhan, and Somsak Kuhaswonvetch )
  • Influencing Factors of Memorable Tourism Experiences: A Study of Self-Guided Chinese Tourists in Thailand
    (Authors: Xiushu Zhao and Renliang Li)
  • Characterization of Rice Husk Biochar and Its Particle Size Effects on Soil Properties in Sandy Loam Soil
    (Authors: Karma Wangdi, Nuttapon Khongdee, Suphannika Intanon, Ukrit Samaksaman, Wolfram Spreer, Suwit Kiravittaya, and Wanwisa Pansak)
  • Energy Return on Energy and Carbon Investment of Wind Energy Farms in Thailand
    (Authors: Watcharapong Tantawat, Aumnad Phdungsilp, and Suparatchai Vorarat)
  • The Influences of City Personality on Purchase Intention and Travel Intention: A Study of Chiang Mai, Thailand
    (Authors: Kawpong Polyorat and Sarun Amatyakul)
  • Thermal Profile and Calorimetric Power Analysis of 20-60 KiloHertz Ultrasonic Bath Reactor
    (Authors: Muhammad Shafiq Mat-Shayuti, Tuan Mohammad Yusoff Shah Tuan Ya, Mohamad Zaki Abdullah, Nur Hidayati Othman, and Nur Hashimah Alias)
  • Traction Power Substation Outage and Reliability Evaluation for a DC Mass Rapid Transit System
    (Authors: Aekkasit Kingmaneerat, Thanatchai Kulworawanichpong, and Tosaphol Ratniyomchai)
  • A Self-Attention Based Hybrid CNN-LSTM for Speaker-Independent Speech Emotion Recognition
    (Authors: Paritosh Bhushan, Md Shah Fahad, Sanjay Agrawal, Paritosh Tripathi, Praveen Mishra, and Akshay Deepak)
  • Solar Still Technology Advancements for Recycling Industrial Wastewater with Renewable Energy: A Review
    (Authors: Abdeljalil Adam, Nabil Saffaj, and Rachid Mamouni)
  • Supplement the Amount of Biogas Volume by Adsorption of VFAs on SiO2 and MCM-41 from Anaerobic Fermentation of Rice Straw
    (Authors: Preecha Sriprapakhan, Pisit Maneechot, and Surachai Artkla)
  • Sequential Optimization of Energy and Reserve Market by Optimal Placement of Renewable Energy Sources Including Participation of Pumped Storage Plant
    (Authors: Ritu Jain1 and Vasundhara Mahajan)
  • Identification of Hate Speech on Social Media using LSTM
    (Authors: Abhijeet Verma, Anshuman Singh, Anand Bihari, Sudhakar Tripathi, Sanjay Agarwal, Shivendra Kumar Pandey, and Sharad Verma)
  • Differentiation Industry Group, Stock Performance, and the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Investigation of the Stock Exchange of Thailand
    (Authors: Nongnit Chancharat, Pongsutti Phuensane, Surachai Chancharat, and Sattawat Boonchoo)

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