GMSARN International Journal

Volume 6, Number 2, June 2012 

Articles :

  • Economic Rent from Hydropower Development in the Case of Lao PDR 
    (Authors: Chansaveng Boungnong and Daovong Phonekeo)
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  • Case Study of Ground Potential Rise on Two Neighboring Substations
    (Authors: W. Pobporn, D. Rerkpreedapong, and A. Phayomhom)
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  • Effects of Nearby Auxiliary Grounding Imposed on Main Square and Rectangle Ground Grids of Distribution Substation
    (Authors: A. Phayomhom, T. Kasirawat, W. Pobporn, C. Pongsriwat, and A. Puttarach)
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  • The Optimal Energy Management of Hybrid Cooling System for Telephone Exchange in Thailand
    (Authors: Somkuan Rimsmutchai, Pornrapeepat Bhasaputra, Woraratana Pattaraprakorn, Natapongkorn Pawanawichien, SurasakPanjavaranont, Chaiyapat Kumpeerakupt, Kitti Tirawannavit, Wichit Krueasuk, and Kreingkrai Chongkhanpond)
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  • Thailand’s Energy Conservation Policy for Industrial Sector Considering Government Incentive Measures
    (Authors: Rittirong Intarajinda and Pornrapeepat Bhasaputra)
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