GMSARN International Journal

Volume 7, Number 3, September 2013 

Articles :

  • Adsorption of Acid Dye on Activated Carbon Preparedfrom Water Hyacinth by Sodium Chloride Activation
    (Authors: Panupong Tarapitakcheevin, Panomchai Weerayutsil, and Kulyakorn Khuanmar)
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  • Alternative Biomass Residues from Palm Oil Mill forSynthesis Activated Carbon by Zinc Chloride Activation
    (Authors: Wasan Phooratsamee, Kanokorn Hussaro, Sombat Teekasap and Joseph Khedari)
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  • Product Development and Marketing Strategies for Community Products in the Lower Northeast Area, Thailand
    (Authors: Pensri Jaroenwanit and Suriya Saiyot)
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  • Status of Transboundary Movements of Hazardous Wastes in Selected GMS Countries
    (Authors: Alice Sharp and Li Liang)
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  • The Perspectives to Enhance an Effective Human Resource Management (HRM) through Compensatory Consumption within a Chronic Life: Case Study of HIV-infected Patients
    (Authors: Tawamin Kruasom and Sumalee Ngeoywijit)
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