GMSARN International Journal

Volume 11, Number 1, March 2017 

Articles :

  • Optimal Layout for Off-shore Wind Farms Using Metaheuristic Search Algorithms
    (Authors: Thoa Thanh Le and Dieu Ngoc Vo
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  • Voltage Level Management of Low Voltage Radial Distribution Networks with High Penetration of Rooftop PV Systems
    (Authors: Piyadanai Pachanapan and Surachet Kanprachar)
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  • Influence of Electric Field Distribution along the Line Post and Pin Post Insulator due to Lightning Strike
    (Authors: Pramuk Unahalekhaka and Karun Sirichunchuen)
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  • Simulation of Surge Protective Devices for Low-Voltage Systems Connected to Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
    (Authors: Pramuk Unahalekhaka and Siamrat Phonkaphon)
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  • Adsorption onto Ash Particles and Common Ion Effect for Phosphorus Recovery from Urinal Wastewater
    (Authors: Yada Pinatha, Chongchin Polprasert, and Andrew J. Englande Jr.)
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  • The Outcomes of New Application for Controlling Smoke Haze Problem in Chiang Rai
    (Authors: Nion Sirimongkonlertkul, Witoon Prommee, Sarawut Pongleerat and
    Vivarad Phonekeo)
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