GMSARN International Journal

Volume 17, Number 1, March 2023 

Articles :

  • GA Based Multi-Objective Optimizing Size and Location of One D-STATCOM for Global Voltage Sag Mitigation in Distribution System
    (Authors: Le Minh Thang, Dinh Trung Hieu, Tung Le-Duc, and Bach Quoc Khanh)
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  • Motivational factors for Energy Conservation in the workplace: A Focus from Employees Perspective
    (Authors: Bindu Anto Ollukkaran and Sasidharan Sreedharan)
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  • Study on Operation Problems in Biomass Power Plants: Northern Thailand
    (Authors: Kasama Sirisomboon, Chatthanon Bhothikhun, Thibodin Sangsawang,
    Supachai Wasananon, and Porametr Arromdee)
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  • MPPT of Solar Energy Conversion System with Modified Perturb and Observe Algorithm Using Bisection Method
    (Authors: Akanksha Singh S. Vardhan and Rakesh Saxena)
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  • Hydropower Generation Potential of Samar River System Based on GIS and SWAT Model
    (Authors: Hebe C. Uy, Aprille Ellen E. Quebada, and Ma. Lourdes P. Amante)
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  • Optimization of Transmitter Semi-Angle and Ambient Noise Cancellation for Indoor Visible Light Communications
    (Authors: Aanchal Verma and Amritanshu Pandey)
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  • Influence of Large Irrigation Dam Operation on Water Quality of Surface Water Bodies in Thai Wetlands near Saline Soil Spots
    (Authors: Sombat Chuenchooklin)
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  • Estimating Health Risks in Sugarcane Burning Areas in Thailand Via a Geographical Information System Method
    (Authors: Yaowatat Boongla and Supichaya Roddee)
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  • Creating A Prototype Smart City for A Case of Developing World: Pathum Thani, Thailand
    (Authors: Pawinee Iamtrakul and Jirawan Klaylee)
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  • Effect of Urban Metabolism on Energy Consumption in Mobility System
    (Authors: Jirawan Klaylee, Pawinee Iamtrakul, and Apinya Padon)
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  • Mechanical Stress Analysis of the Lower Link Arm Tractor Connect Paddy Field Sowing Machine Using Finite Element Method
    (Authors: Nattadon Pannucharoenwong, Suwipong Hemathulin, Thodsatam Lasopha, Phadungsak Rattanadecho, Jirawadee Polprasert, and Penpimol Luekhajorn)
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  • Role of Mathematical Modelling and Learning Techniques for Privacy Preservation: A Systematic Review
    (Authors: Santosh Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Mithilesh Kumar Chaube, Sachin Kumar Gupta, and R. K. Saket)
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