GMSARN International Journal

Volume 6, Number 1, March 2012 

Articles :

  • The Costs of Power Quality Disturbances for Industries Related Fabricated Metal, Machines and Equipment in Thailand 
    (Authors: PanuwatTeansri,WorapongPairindra, NarongkornUthathip, Pornrapeepat Bhasaputra and WoraratanaPattaraprakorn)
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  • A Techno-Economic Assessment of a Second Generation Biofuel Concept For Southern Thailand
    (Authors: Magnus Fröhling, Frederik Trippe, Kannokorn Hussaro, and Frank Schultmann)
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  • Bio-Gasoline Production from Bio-Diesel via Catalytic Cracking Reaction on Platinum Zeolite Catalyst 
    (Authors: Nantawat Usomboon, Malee Santikunaporn, and Suchada Butnart)
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  • SF6 Capacitive Voltage Divider
    (Authors: Cattareeya Suwanasri and Thanapong Suwanasri)
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  • Augmented Lagrange Hopfield Network for Real Power Loss Minimization
    (Authors: Dieu Ngoc Vo, Hoang Khanh Cap Le, and Khai Phuc Nguyen)
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