Prof. Dr. Weerakorn Ongsakul
Associate Editors
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vo Ngoc Dieu
Dr. Jirawadee Polprasert


Published by the
Asian Institute of Technology
58 Moo 9, Km. 42, Paholyothin Highway, Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120, Thailand

GMSARN International Journal
Volume 17, Number 2, June 2023 

Articles :

  • Factors Influencing the Intention to Use Solar Rooftop Energy of Households in Thailand
    (Authors: Pongsapat Theppratuanghthip and Nuttawut Rojniruttikul)
  • Power Quality Improvement in a Standalone Microgrid System Using Coordinated PQ Theory in UPQC-SSO
    (Authors: P. A. Mohanarao, Sarat Kumar Sahu, and G. Saraswathi)
  • Feasibility Assessment of Grid-connected Residential Solar Photovoltaic Systems in Seven Zones, Vietnam
    (Authors: Thanh Ba Nguyen)
  • Voltage Stability Analysis in Microgrids System with Photovoltaic Solar Energy under Uncertainty of Loads Variation
    (Authors: Yuttana Kongjeen, Weerayut Eiampong, Krittidet Buayai, and Kaan Kerdchuen)
  • Governmental Practice Guidelines for Providing Appropriate Social Welfare for the Elderly in Thailand
    (Authors: N. Jensantikul and S. Aimimtham)
  • Cultural Interaction and Tourist Destination Loyalty: A Case Study of Phuket, Thailand
    (Authors: Sirachet Chopdee and Sid Suntrayuth)
  • Analysis of the Effect of the Royal Thai Government’s Electric Vehicle Promotion Strategy on Future Energy demand, Energy Mix and Emissions from Passenger Land Transport
    (Authors: Ashok Paudel and Boonruang Marungrsi)
  • A Novel Metaheuristic Algorithm for Electrical Generation Cost Optimization of Photovoltaic-Hydro-Thermal Power Systems
    (Authors: Ve Song Vo, Ly Huu Pham, and Hanh Minh Hoang)
  • Quantum based Polyphylla Fullo Search Optimization Algorithm for True Power Loss Reduction and Voltage Constancy Augmentation
    (Authors: Lenin Kanagasabai)
  • Effect of Voltage Limiting Device Operation on Rail Potential and Stray Current in DC Railway Systems
    (Authors: Warayut Kampeerawat, Jonggrist Jongudomkarn, Phumin Kirawanich, and Chaiyut Sumpavakup)
  • A New Technique of Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units in Power System Observability
    (Authors: Thanh-Son Tran and Thi-Thanh-Hoa Kieu)
  • Fisher and Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Combination Approach to Feature Selection for Power System Stability Classification
    (Authors: N. N. Au, L. T. Nghia, V. V. Cuong, T. T. Giang, and T. V. Hien)

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