GMSARN International Journal

Volume 2, Number 2, June 2008 

Articles :

  • Electricity Industry Reforms in Thailand: A Historical Review 
    (Authors: Supannika Wattana, Deepak Sharma and Ronnakorn Vaiyavuth)
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  • Energy Challenges for Thailand: An Overview 
    (Authors: Srichattra Chaivongvilan, Deepak Sharma and Suwin Sandu)
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  • Optimal PMU Placement by Stochastic Simulated Annealing for Power System State Estimation  
    (Authors: Thawatch Kerdchuen and Weerakorn Ongsakul)
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  • Control of Single Phase PWM Converter for Renewable Energy System Using Active and Reactive Current Components 
    (Authors: S. Wangsathitwong, S. Sirisumrannukul, S. Chatratana and W. Deleroi)
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  • Comparison of Fuzzy Logic Based and Conventional Power System Stabilizer for Damping of Power System Oscillations
    (Authors: K. Prasertwong, and N. Mithulananthan)
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